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Postponement of the trading day on the PX Start market

Due to technical issues, there will be no trading day on the PX Start market today. The substitute trading day will be 18 December 2019. The trading schedule remains unchanged.


START DAY: change of the date

The next START Day of the PX Start market will take place on 21 October 2019. More information at:


News on the PX Start market

For the next year, the Prague Stock Exchange has prepared several changes to the rules of its unregulated PX Start market. From the beginning of 2019, secondary trading (trading in previously subscribed issues) will take place monthly, specifically in the second week, with the exception of May, when trading is scheduled on the fourth Wednesday.


Prabos, a footwear manufacturer from the Zlín region, is heading to the Prague Stock Exchange. The company promises investors a regular dividend

While no new company has entered the main market of the Prague Stock Exchange since the arrival of Moneta Bank, small and medium-sized companies are interested in the new PX Start market. After Hub Ventures, an operator of coworking centres, and Primoco, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, the footwear company Prabos will try to raise capital, too.


The first company to enter the new market of the Prague Stock Exchange. Hub Ventures, which hosts hundreds of companies, wants CZK 50 million

Hub Ventures wants to get at least CZK 50 million from investors next year. The operator of coworking centres will be the first company to be traded on PX Start, the new market of the PSE for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Prague Stock Exchange is opening the PX Start market for small and medium-sized companies

The Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) is opening a new PX Start ( market for medium-sized Czech companies. For companies in the SME segment, this creates an opportunity to raise non-debt capital directly from investors under considerably simplified conditions corresponding to the capabilities of businesses in this category.