Case study eMan

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The Czech software developers eMan, dealing with the development of custom software, successfully subscribed shares on the PX Start market on 31st August 2020 for 46.6 million CZK. The company has become the seventh issuer traded in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises on the Prague Stock Exchange. The great interest in shares was also confirmed by the total number of orders, which amounted to 1.93 million shares and thus exceeded the offer by 111 percent. The transaction was led by the consulting company STARTEEPO and the law firm Havel & Partners. Look at the IPO interview (in Czech language) with eMan co-founder and COO Michal Košek and CFO Michal Czinner.

  • 5:03-8:10 A general overview of admission to the stock exchange (IPO)
  • 8:11-10:46 Prague Stock Exchange and START Market
  • 32:50 Pros and cons of IPO (slide)

Case study eMan

  • 1:37-4:03 Company introduction and basic information about its admission to the stock exchange
  • 10:47-12:56 Complexity of entering the stock exchange, preparation and individual steps
  • 12:25-17:27; 31:31-34:12 Description of negotiations with investors and valuation
  • 17:30-19:30 Transformation into joint-stock company
  • 20:02-21:44 Audit
  • 21:52-24:24 Discussions with the regulator and approval of the prospectus
  • 24:29-29:54 PR effect, credibility of a listed company
  • 29:55-31:26 Accounting data and reporting
  • 34:13-35:46 Financial costs