How to invest in shares

Read our clear instructions on how to invest your money easily in the securities of small and medium-sized Czech companies on the PX Start equity market.

How to invest

The story is what matters

Choose a company that appeals to you, offers perspective terms and is the right stock for you to invest in. 

Go for the new issues

Buy shares of the selected company during their initial public offering (IPO).

Trade with existing shares

Buy and sell securities of companies traded on the PX Start market during its trading hours.

How to invest


Select a trader

Choose a trader who will enter your request into the system.

To buy and sell shares on the PX Start market, you need to have an investment account with one of the stock exchange members, who will carry out your order.


Create an investment account

Open an investment account with the selected trader (if you do not already have one).

Setting up an investment account is as easy as opening a bank account. All you need is a proof of identity and, if necessary, filling in an investment questionnaire.


New issues

You can purchase shares during the 14-day subscription period.

Once you have an investment account, you can buy shares of new issuers through your trader during their IPO period. You can find information about companies offering IPOs on this website.


Trading with existing shares

You can buy or sell shares of companies traded on the PX Start market.

Once you have an investment account, you can, at your discretion, buy or sell shares of companies in the PX Start market, every day during trading hours. Some stock exchange members offer an online investment platform or accept an instruction over the phone.

Traders with an online platform

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alternatively, contact your preferred trader


Have you got any questions?

Are you investing for the first time, or do you just need advice? Contact us; we will be happy to help you.

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    A prospectus must be prepared for all issues admitted to the PX Start market and it must be approved by the regulator, the Czech National Bank. The content of the prospectus is governed by the EU legislation. It must contain a full description of the issuer and all the risk factors that affect its business. The prospectus and any disclosures are published on the website of the issuer and in its profile on this website.
    The presentation of the company during START Days is a crucial part of the communication between the issuer and investors. It is an opportunity to acquaint investors with the business results in the last period. Investors can ask the company’s representatives questions, as is common, for example, at general meetings. All information is uploaded, archived, and available online on the stock exchange website. The START Day is held twice a year on pre-scheduled dates.
    An analytical report is another regular source of information. When entering the market, each issuer must provide an analytical report, which is then updated annually by an independent analyst. As there is no prescribed basis the analytical reports can be very different. Their content is at the discretion of the chosen analyst. Some issuers may have analytical reports by more than one analyst.
    The annual report must be published on time as required by the law, and any information relevant to the stock price must be disclosed during the year. The issuer is obliged to publish all this information in the investor section on its website.

    The best opportunity to meet representatives of company management is during the START Day. This is an event where management representatives acquaint investors with the company results of the last business period. Investors can ask the company’s representatives questions, as is common, for example, at shareholders’ meetings. Everything is uploaded, archived, and available online on the stock exchange website. The START Day is held twice a year on pre-scheduled dates.

    Trading takes place on the same trading system as in the case of other markets of the Prague Stock Exchange. In the case of shares traded on the PX Start market, trading takes place every day as part of regular auctions from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

    A detailed schedule is described here

    The PX Start market is suitable for experienced investors who want to become shareholders or partners of successful small and medium-sized Czech companies and can bear a fairly high investment risk. Investors are either experienced individual investors with strong capital or they representatives of private or venture capital funds. Investors are expected to be able to understand analytical reports and financial results of companies without getting explicit investment recommendations from their traders or advisers. For this reason, professional investors, such as business angels, individual portfolio managers and wealth managers make investments on the PX Start market. The PX Start is a market that offers specific investment opportunities. By its very nature, it is also different from the regulated capital market. In this respect, we would like to alert you to the related risks.

    Disclaimer and recommendations for investors

    Shares can only be purchased and sold in the PX Start market through a stockbroker that is a stock exchange member. The investor must sign an agreement with this trader and follow its instructions.  

    The amount of the minimum investment (a lot) varies for each company. The size of the lot for each newly presented company can be found on the PX Start website, and for existing companies, a size of the lot is stated in the trading data of individual shares on the main website of the Prague Stock Exchange.

    Prague Stock Exchange

    Yes, trading fees are applicable and should be consulted with the stockbroker who will arrange the trades for you. The fee policy is certainly one of the criteria that should be taken into account when choosing a trader.