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Autumn START Days 9 and 10 October 2023

The second START Day 2023 will take place on 9 and 10 October. PROGRAMME During both days there will be reporting by START market companies (half-year results 2023 and other news). Investors can attend the presentations online only. Questions can be posed to issuers verbally or in the chat room during the online meeting.



All issues from the START market will be transferred to the continuous trading regime from 1 September 2023, i.e. they will be traded in the same manner as share issues from the other Prague Stock Exchange markets (PRIME, STANDARD and FREE).


mmcité wins investor confidence with a very successful IPO

mmcité successfully completed its IPO today. Investor interest was huge and the issue was oversubscribed by 128.24%. Trading in mmcité shares will commence on 1 August at an underwriting price of CZK 160.


Bezvavlasy a.s.’s sales grew by 58 percent in the first half of the year. Profit to double

Bezvavlasy a.s., the second largest hair cosmetics retailer in the Czech Republic, reports for the first half of the year of this year to record sales growth to 347 million crowns.


Pilulka raised CZK 67 350 600 in SPO

Today the subscription of shares of Pilulka Lékárny on the START market has been completed. The company subscribed for shares with a total value of 67,350,600 CZK.


Five years of the START market, news and upcoming changes

Five years ago, specifically on 2 May 2018 at 15:37, the first ever order was received in the underwriting of new companies heading to the START market. It was an order for 1,250 Prabos Plus shares. The subscription was successfully completed on 15 May 2018. Along with Prabos, Fillamentum also entered the market.


Planned technical maintenance of the website on 23 and 29 November after 8 pm

On Wednesday, 23 November and Tuesday, 29 November, scheduled technical maintenance of the website will be carried out after 8 pm, which may result in temporary slowdowns or short-term inoperability of the website.


The public offering of HARDWARIO shares has been launched

Today at 10:00 a.m. the public offering of shares of HARDWARIO a.s. was launched. Those interested in participating in the subscription of the START-Public Offer system can place their orders for the purchase of shares in the price range of CZK 17 - 25.


CNB approves HARDWARIO’s prospectus

The Czech company HARDWARIO, has received the approval of the Czech National Bank (CNB) for a public offering of shares (IPO). The company's shares will be offered to the public through members of the stock exchange. The subscription system will be open to members from 10:00 am on 4 October to 12:00 pm on 18 October.


KARO Leather successfully subscribed for its shares

Today the subscription of shares of KARO Leather a.s. on the START market was completed. The company subscribed for shares with a total value of CZK 132,000,000.