Good ideas are the basis of a business. Add a vision, and you are set up for success. The story of the Czech software company eMan, which is now entering the PX Start market, has both ingredients. Its projects were often ahead of their time and won countless awards. Today, its software drives the Bohemia Energy business, makes life easier for ČSOB clients, and turns driving Škoda cars into a digital experience, among other things. In the ten years of its existence, eMan has gone from zero to a turnover of CZK 168 million in 2019.

About eMan

eMan is a leading Czech provider of mobile solutions. It specializes in the development of mobile and web applications and integrated solutions. In particular, the company targets clients from the automotive industry, banking and insurance, the energy sector, and services.

Its client portfolio includes names such as Škoda Auto, Honeywell, E.ON, ČSOB, PPL, Edenred, Generali Česká pojišťovna, and MND. Solutions developed by eMan have won a number of awards, for example the Mobile Application of the Year, Internet Effectiveness Awards, WebTop100, IT Project of the Year, and Golden Crown.

The majority share is currently owned by the founders, who also serve as executive managers. The company operates not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe and North America. In total, it employs almost 120 people.

The full story of the developers of eMAN can be found here.

IPO parameters

On 14 August 14,  eMan obtained the permission for a public offering of shares from the Czech National Bank. The company intends to offer up to a 47 per cent stake, i.e. up to 914 thousand shares. The subscription takes place at a price of 51 to 56 crowns per share. The investment can be made during the subscription period between 17 and 31 August.

How can I invest in eMan?

You can put your instructions to buy shares through the members of the Prague Stock Exchange. Fio banka a.s. and Patria finance a.s. offer trading in shares on the PX Start market through their online trading platforms, which makes them the PSE members with the highest trading volumes in this market segment.

IPO documentation for download

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