FIXED.zone Enters Prague Stock Exchange, IPO Prospectus Approved by Czech National Bank


From the basement of a family house to the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE). This is the real success story of the Czech company FIXED.zone, whose IPO was approved by the Czech National Bank today. Shares in this leading European producer of mobile device accessories will be available for subscription in an initial public offering (IPO) through a trading member between 19 October and 2 November 2021. Subsequently, FIXED.zone shares will be traded on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange.

“Our company is growing dynamically and has great potential to continue this growth. The potential of the market segment of mobile accessories has almost no limit. We plan to use the capital that we raise through the IPO of FIXED.zone for massive expansion abroad and the development of our own product offering. During the challenging pandemic times, we managed to strengthen our customers’ loyalty. They trusted us, and we transformed that trust into the company’s growth. I believe that many of the investors who have bought FIXED.zone shares will become our customers, and we would like to reward them with a return on our shares,” said Daniel Havner, the founder of FIXED.zone and its majority shareholder.

“The ninth issuer is looking to be introduced to the START market, representing a very interesting and dynamically growing segment. I sincerely hope that the company will succeed in attracting investors with its story and vision, and that the funds raised on the START market will help with the intended expansion to international markets. Unlike in the US, Europe has a shortages of technology developers who can also produce and successfully market their products. I am glad that we will hopefully soon have such a company on our START market,” says Petr Koblic, CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange.

FIXED.zone expects to use the IPO to raise CZK 40–50 million. The largest part, i.e., CZK 20 million, will be used to build stock inventories in connection with the company’s expansion to foreign markets. This corresponds to the company’s plan to create an e-shop and also to support exports to European markets through long-term distribution partners.

The company plans to invest CZK 10 million in a new information system and other necessary steps that will help streamline its sales processes and in their automation to increase trading capacities, especially for exports. An additional CZK 5 million is earmarked for investments in the development and design of new products, including the development of its own ecosystem of “FIXED Smart” products, and CZK 5 million for growth supporting marketing activities.

During the IPO, it will only be possible to purchase shares through a member of the Prague Stock Exchange. Their list is available on the Prague Stock Exchange’s website at www.pse.cz. This requires an open account of an owner of dematerialised securities with a Central Depository participant; in most cases, this is the same company through which the investor places the order to buy shares.

Headquartered in České Budějovice, the company develops and produces chargers, holders, cases and other accessories for phones and tablets, which protect them or simplify their use. In Prostějov, FIXED.zone has been producing luxury leather wallets and electronics cases since 2014. The popular FIXED brand is its flagship. Currently, the company has more than 90 employees.

“We are planning to launch several other products soon, such as the FIXED Sense smart key fob, which – in addition to safeguarding and locating things – can also monitor the air temperature and humidity, or control your smart home. FIXED Buddy tracker is another example of the company’s successful products. It uses the technology of the future – the Internet of Things. All locators and trackers are part of one FIXED Smart ecosystem, which can be easily controlled via apps available for Android and iOS,” added Daniel Havner. The issuer’s prospectus, the investor’s presentation and other FIXED.zone documents can be found at https://www.fixed.zone/fixed-for-investors/.

FIXED.zone story; Original press release

The shares of FIXED.zone a.s. are offered on the basis of EU Growth Prospectus issued on 8 October 2021 and approved by the Czech National Bank as of 13 October 2021 (the “Prospectus”). The prospectus is available in electronic form from https://www.fixed.zone/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Prospekt.pdf

The approval of the Prospectus by the Czech National Bank should not be construed as an endorsement of the shares offered by FIXED.zone a.s. All investments in these shares must be made solely on the basis of the Prospectus. Prospective investors should read the Prospectus before making any investment decisions in order to fully understand the potential risks and yields associated with a decision to invest in the shares.

This report does not constitute any offer to subscribe for or purchase any shares or other securities and does not constitute an offer or sale of any bonds or other securities in any jurisdiction in which such an offer or such sale would be unlawful without the appropriate approval or registration under the securities laws of the relevant jurisdiction.