Pilulka raised CZK 67 350 600 in SPO

Today the subscription of shares of Pilulka Lékárny on the START market has been completed. The company subscribed for shares with a total value of 67,350,600 CZK.

The shares of Pilulka Lékárny (ISIN CZ0009009874) have been traded on the START market since October 2020. The issuer subscribed for new shares, it was a so-called SPO (Secondary Public Offering), which had two rounds. The first round of subscription, which took place between Tuesday 23 May and 6 June 2023, was intended for existing shareholders only. 45 existing shareholders used the option of preferential subscription in the first round. They subscribed for 110,268 shares for a total of CZK 49,620,600. In the second round (from 8 June to 22 June 2023), which was open to all investors and took place in the START-Public Offer system, 39,400 shares were subscribed for a total of CZK 17,730,000.

Thus, the issuer raised a total of CZK67,350,600 CZK from all investors.

Trading in the shares of Pilulka was suspended during the subscription and will resume tomorrow, i.e. on 23 June 2023.