Prague, 19th April 2021 – Primoco UAV, the Czech manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, has today launched a secondary share offering of a total of 655,300 new shares, which corresponds to more than 13% of the company’s capital after the subscription is completed. The net total proceeds of the issue if all offered shares are subscribed will be up to CZK 170 million. This is based on the company’s prospectus (download HERE) approved last week by the Czech National Bank.

The company, whose shares have been traded on the market of the Prague Stock Exchange START since 2018, plans to use the funds received for the further development of its activities. This will mainly include the expansion of the Písek – Krašovice airport and additional production capacity in connection with the increase in client orders for Primoco UAVs. Additionally, the funds received from the subscriptions for new shares will be used to finance the development of new technologies.

New shares of Primoco UAV can be subscribed for in two rounds as part of this public offering. The first round, which will take place between 19 April 2021 and 2 May 2021, is intended only for existing shareholders. They can exercise their pre-emptive right to purchase and thus obtain new shares at a price of 240 CZK per share. In the second round, which will take place between 3 May 2021 and 17 May 2021, all potential investors will be able to subscribe for new shares. For the second round of subscription, a price range of 260 to 360 CZK has been set for one offered share. In both rounds of the offer, the minimum amount for subscription of the offered shares is 100,000 pieces.

Given the growing volume of work in progress for clients around the world, it is crucial for Primoco UAV to start working on expanding production, testing and storage capacity. For this purpose, we will mainly use the premises of the airport we own in Písek-Krašovice. We also plan to invest a part of the funds obtained from the issue in the development of new technologies so that we continue to be the best in the world in our category in this rapidly developing field,” says Ladislav Semetkovský, founder, CEO and majority shareholder of Primoco UAV.

Investors who wish to participate in the subscription of new shares of Primoco UAV must place an order through a member of the Prague Stock Exchange who will provide them with the services of a securities dealer. For example, Patria Finance, J&T Bank, Fio Bank, Komerční banka and others.

About Primoco UAV SE

The Czech company Primoco UAV develops and manufactures civilian and military unmanned aircraft – the One 150 range. These are aircraft capable of flying completely independently according to programmed flight plans, including fully automatic take-off and landing. One of the key features of the aircraft is its exceptional endurance, thanks to which it can spend up to 15 hours non-stop in the air at a cruising speed of 100-150 km/h, which represents a range of up to 2,000 km. The maximum take-off weight of 150 kg and a payload of 30 kg allow the One 150 aircraft to be used for various types of use in civilian and military operations. The company’s aircraft is currently used on three continents for inspections of product pipelines and distribution networks in the energy sector, ensuring border and coastal security, monitoring fires and in search and rescue operations. The current production capacity of Primoco UAV is 50 aircraft per year. So far, the company has produced 70 unmanned aircraft at its plant in Radotín, Prague. Primoco UAV is currently negotiating the sale of a total of 233 unmanned aircraft with 40 customers worldwide. Primoco UAV is a publicly traded company on the Prague Stock Exchange in the PX START market. For more information, visit  http://www.primocouav.com