START DAY 19 October 2021

The autumn START Day 2021 will take place on 19 October 2021. At 1 p.m. you will see a live presentation by FIXED.zone, a company that is planning to enter the START market. This will be followed by interviews with individual representatives of companies listed on the START market.

Approximate times of all presentations:

13:00-13:05OpeningPresenterRoman Chlupatý
13:05-13:35presentation , interview, Q&AFIXED.zoneDaniel Havner and Libor Zezulka
13:35-13:55interview, Q&AAtomTraceInvestorská prezentaceJan Proček
13:55-14:15interview, Q&A e-ManInvestorská prezentaceJiří Horyna
14:15-14:35interview, Q&A FILLAMENTUMInvestorská prezentaceJosef Doleček
14:35-14:55interview, Q&A KARO INVESTInvestorská prezentaceJakub Hemerka
14:55-15:15 interview, Q&A Pilulka LékárnyInvestorská prezentaceMartin Kasa
15:15-15:35 interview, Q&A Prabos plusInvestorská prezentaceJaroslav Palát
15:35-15:55 interview, Q&A Primoco UAVInvestorská prezentaceLadislav Semetkovský
15:55-16:15 interview, Q&A UDI CEEInvestorská prezentaceJan Rovný

Please submit your questions about the presenters and their companies at www.sli.do/ST2021