The first companies successfully launched on the PX Start market

The subscription period of the first three companies heading for the PX Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange ended today (15 May). Primoco, Prabos Plus, and Fillamentum introduced themselves to potential investors for the last time at a joint presentation, ending a period of 14 days during which investors could place orders to purchase shares in these companies.

Fillamentum a.s.

Fillamentum, a company engaged in the production of polymer products, whose production portfolio includes filaments for 3D printers, was the first to close the order book. The company offered a total of 28,800 shares, and the price per share was set at CZK 825. The issue aroused great interest among investors, and the demand for the company’s shares was 1.021 times the maximum offered.

Prabos plus a.s.

The second company to address the investors was Prabos Plus, a traditional manufacturer of work and leisure footwear. The price per share was set at CZK 400, and a total of 55,625 shares was sold among new investors.

Primoco UAV SE

Primoco, a company engaged in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, was the last to close the public offer of its shares. Although it appealed greatly to the investors, it ultimately failed to reach the target volume of subscribed shares set by the issuer during this subscription period.

FILLAMENTUM (CZ0009007027)
PRABOS PLUS (CZ0005131318)
PRIMOCO UAV SE (CZ0005135970)
PRIMOCO UAV SE (CZ0005135970)