The manufacturer of FIXED mobile accessories will enter the Prague Stock Exchange this year. The company has ambitions to raise CZK 45 million.

RECALL s.r.o, the Czech leader in the development, production, and distribution of accessories for mobile phones under the FIXED brand announces that it intends to enter the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange and offer its shares publicly to both retail and institutional investors this year. The company has the ambition to become a European leader in its field, through a combination of its own development, flexibility, and the opening of new market segments. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has built distribution channels and know-how under the name RECALL. In 2014, the company started its modern history with the acquisition of a production factory in Prostějov. This was followed by the subsequent establishment of the FIXED brand. Today, sales of FIXED products represent ¾ of the company´s turnover. Products are created by a strong internal product team, Czech designers, and software and hardware developers.

“20 years ago, we founded a company called RECAL s.r.o. which had the ambition to become a major specialised distributor of accessories for mobile phones in the Czech Republic. We have managed to achieve this goal after less than 10 years. In 2014, we gained a new impetus and decided to become a developer, designer, and manufacturer of our own products. In recent years, we have created know-how that allows us to accelerate our expansion. We are advancing the development of our new products, improving services in e-commerce, and entering new export markets. Until recently, our activities were only local, however, now we know how to become a global player and we feel that our growth opportunities are almost limitless. To move forward we need new financial resources. Therefore, we have decided to make a public offer of shares to investors once a transformation into a joint-stock company with a new name FIXED.zone a.s. is finalised”, says the main shareholder and founder of the company, Daniel Havner.

“So far, we have financed our growth, which reaches approx. 10.20% pa in the long term, with bank resources and profits. In 20 years, we have built a strong brand and a community of customers and long-term partners. We would like to offer them and any other new investors a participation in our growth story and ask for their support in our quest to become a European leader in a field of mobile accessories”, adds CEO, Jan Moravec. Our growth is supported by the growth of the industry which is enhanced by a change of working patterns and the popularity of the home office, and by new trends of smartphone producers, thanks to which the world demand for mobile accessories is growing. Finally, there is also a massive development of new networks for IoT which relate to our products FIXED SMART. I trust these new phenomena will attract new customers and investors. Our shares will be offered to public by established reputable stockbrokers”, concluded Jan Moravec.

The IPO adviser is LIFTIA. “I am delighted that another local regional company, which has at least pan-European ambitions potential, is coming to the START market. The Prague Stock Exchange should receive an interesting growth issue in the field of technology, hardware and IoT”, says Tomáš Morava, the founder of the consulting company LIFTIA.


“After the IPO at the START market, we want gain financial security for further development and additional financial resources to strengthen operation cash flow and warehouses. In combination with bank financial leverage, we are looking to significantly increase the security of timely deliveries and product development. We see a huge opportunity in opening other distribution channels outside the Czech Republic. Specifically, we want to establish ourselves in all global Internet marketplaces. We also working on our own D2C channel that will target customers in neighbouring countries and enhancing export by distributors. In recent years, we have invested into development and prototyping of our own products which should take over of the flagship of the FIXED brand. We believe that the finalisation of these products and their marketing will distinguish us from competitors and improve our position in the market even further”, evaluates the IPO ambitions Daniel Havner.

“I am pleased that another interesting issue is being prepared for the START market. This company will eventually expand the portfolio of sectors that represented here. I wish the best of luck to the company, and I hope it will be able to successfully address investors”, says Petr Koblic, CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange.


RECALL s.r.o. is a Czech company with ambitions to become a European leader in mobile accessories. The company helps its customers to improve, protect and simplify use of their mobile accessories and make the latest technologies available to their mobile devices. The company is owned by Czech shareholders who also the founders and are actively involved in the company´s management and will continue to develop it. The company employs more than 80 people. It is based in České Budějovice and owns a factory that produces luxury leather cases in Prostějov. In the long term, it achieves a positive EBITDA while continuing with large investments in the development and testing of new products. In the first 5 months of 2021, sales reached CZK 100 million which is 30% more than the last year.


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SOURCE: https://www.fixed.zone/investors/