The software developing company eMan is entering the Prague Stock Exchange and has successfully completed its IPO

eMan has successfully completed the public offering of its shares (IPO). Interest from investors exceeded the number of shares offered by 111%, making this IPO the most successful in the history of the PX Start market. The trading of eMan shares will begin on the PX Start market on 4 September for a subscription price of CZK 51.

The initial public offering (IPO) of eMan was completed today. The company offered investors a total of 914,000 shares in the price range of CZK 51-56. The issue was oversubscribed by investors at the lower end of the price range by 111%. A record number of 364 orders came into PSE’s subscription system. The minimum order (lot) was set at 500 shares.

“Thanks to the low lot set by the issuer together with its advisor, a large number of small investors were interested in subscribing,” says Petr Koblic, the CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange.

Because of the strong interest in the initial public offering, some investors had a lower allocation of required shares. This is often the case for successful issues.

“Interest in the issue was enormous and this is the first issue on the PX Start market that was so massively oversubscribed. We are naturally very happy about it,” adds Petr Koblic.

Trading of the new issue will begin on 4 September as part of a regular daily auction in the PX Start market. Auctions in the PX Start market take place daily from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. A total of seven stocks with a total market capitalization exceeding CZK 2.7 billion are now traded on the PX Start market.