New Advisor on START Market

Liberec-based LIFTIA becomes the ninth authorized advisor for companies entering the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange.

LIFTIA is a new authorized advisor in START, a market serving small and medium-sized companies as part of the Prague Stock Exchange. It becomes the ninth advisor offering consulting services to companies planning to enter the capital market. LIFTIA is currently working on preparations for the IPO of FIXED.zone, a designer and producer of accessories for mobile devices and electronics that announced its intention to enter the START market this autumn.

“It is great to see LIFTIA actively involved in the search for potential issuers for the START market. Active advisors are a crucial part of the infrastructure for the successful functioning of any market. I do believe that the upcoming issue, in which LIFTIA is participating as an advisor, will be a great success,” says Petr Koblic, CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange.

“I have been working around investments my entire professional career, mostly relating to domestic growth SMEs. From the beginning, I have seen the START market as an important link between entrepreneurs and small investors in the Czech Republic, who are relatively limited with respect to investment opportunities in local businesses. I look forward to the future of the START market and I believe that LIFTIA will be involved in more attractive issues,” adds Tomáš Morava, founder of LIFTIA.

LIFTIA, s.r.o.

LIFTIA supports Czech and Slovak businesses in their growth and expansion. It has a record of successful projects involving dozens of partners with which LIFTIA worked on IPOs, M&A, international expansion, equity transfer financing, crowdfunding, and generational changeovers. For more information, please visit www.liftia.cz.

Prague Stock Exchange

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