The Czech company Primoco UAV SE donated two Primoco UAV One 150 unmanned aircraft to Czech museums, specifically the Military Historical Institute of the Army of the Czech Republic and its Aviation Museum in Kbely and the National Technical Museum in Letná.

Both donated aircraft are now in publicly accessible exhibitions, and in both cases they are unique machines associated with many Czech championships. These donations to museums reflect the technological progress and exciting potential represented by these fully operational Primoco UAV One 150 aircraft. The donations are motivated by the desire to expand the collections of both institutions, which are currently an interesting destination for summer visits with limited travel, and to act as a socially responsible company that has supported Czech aviation for a long time.

Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO of Primoco UAV SE,  summarises the enrichment of the collections as follows:

“I would like to thank both institutions for the opportunity to exhibit our machines, because supporting the preservation of aviation history is very important to us. During our gift review process we decided to offer our test aircraft as outstanding examples of technological progress. In April 2020, the aircraft donated to Kbely was the first aircraft to set the Czech record for the length of an unmanned flight at 15 hours and 3 minutes. Its position, next to the previous generation of Czech Sojka unmanned vehicles, provides visitors with a good idea of the development of this technology in the Czech Republic. The second aircraft, in the collection of the National Technical Museum is one that in May 2020, for the benefit of the Czech Police, conducted patrol flights on the Czech border with Austria and Slovakia and flew at a distance of almost 70 km from the control station – which brought the Czech Republic to EU leadership in this capability. Both aircraft therefore deserve to be preserved for future generations as proof of the success of Czech aviation.”

The Czech company Primoco UAV develops and produces the One 150 civilian unmanned aircraft, capable of flying completely independently according to programmed flight plans.  The key features of the aircraft are its size, maximum take-off weight 150 kg, 15 hours endurance, 2 000 km range, cruising speed 100-150 km/h, payload 30 kg and fully automatic take-off and landing.  The company focuses on civilian applications for the aircraft especially in energy, border and coastal protection, fire monitoring and search and rescue operations.  The company’s aircraft are in operation on three continents. Primoco UAV is a publicly traded company on the Prague Stock Exchange in the PX START market.  For more information, visit http://www.primocouav.com.

Further information: https://uav-stol.com/cz/novinky/vyrobce-bezpilotnich-letounu-primoco-uav-daroval-dva-letouny-ceskym-muzeim/.