The performance of Pilulka.cz, which will soon stir up the waters of the PX Start market

Pilulka.cz, the leader of the Czech e-commerce segment operating in pharmacy and healthcare services, is heading to the PX Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange. How is the company doing in terms of sales or number of customers? Here are some graphs that summarize the most important aspects.

Pilulka.cz combines online sales with the operation of 153 pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic. In 2019, it reported revenues of CZK 1.3 billion and served 655,000 customers. It also operates in Slovakia and Romania and plans to enter the Hungarian market next year. In terms of its customer base, Pilulka.cz is one of the fastest-growing companies in the region.

A few days ago, Pilulka.cz announced that it would issue 20% of new shares, which it plans to place on the PX Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange in the coming weeks. It will become the first publicly traded e-commerce company on the PSE. In the following years, it wants to move to the main market of the stock exchange. According to the E15 website, this should be the largest initial public offer on the PX Start market, and the company’s valuation could exceed one billion Czech crowns. Pilulka wants to gain CZK 100 to 200 million in the IPO.

The company expects that the price of its shares on the stock exchange will increase not only with the growth of its market position and the annual planned growth of sales of around 30%, but also as the company becomes more profitable every year.

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