Czech innovations that have no limits in the world of mobile accessories

The desire not to be a follower, to do things better and better than others. This was the original vision of the founders of the Czech company Thanks to this, a company from České Budějovice is breaking down boundaries in the area of development, production and distribution of mobile accessories. In less than twenty years, it has grown to a hundred employees, made a turnover of almost a quarter of a billion CZK and become a visionary business that is growing dynamically even during a pandemic. Investors section (

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Daniel Havner & Jan Moravec


Brothers Daniel and Marek Havner, Radek Douda and Jan Moravec. Four men at the heart of, a domestic leader in mobile accessories that captures a real passion for product development and production. They claim that they want to bring products customers will no longer want to change. In addition, they are looking to bring innovation closer to a wide range of people and turn ordinary things into smart ones. “We know that our limits are only in our heads,” says with a smile Jan Moravec, the company’s director. Daniel Havner, the founder, adds: “We want to become a European leader in everything linked to mobile phones, tablets and wearable electronics. This should be a combination of our own research activities, flexibility in responding to market developments and opening of new market segments.”

After all, the long-term success of the company speaks for itself. In its twenty years on the market, has sold twenty million pieces of accessories. Its sales were over CZK100 million in the first five months of this year and the company´s long-term growth is more than ten percent a year.

Conservative start was established in 2001 as a small family business, called RECALL. It was Daniel Havner´s idea as he had an experience in distribution. He then approached his brother Marek and Radek Douda, who gave him sufficient support and courage to create own business. “We simply said ourselves, let´s start a business, the opportunities will come along gradually. „I was a huge fan of mobile phones at the time, but it was clear to us that selling mobile phones as such is quite expensive, “recalls Daniel Havner. Therefore, they decided to sell mobile phone accessories and soon became a dynamic distribution company.

“Our main ambition was to sell mobile phone accessories; however, we didn’t stay away from other areas either,” says Marek Havner. After two years, the antennas, covers and cases were replenished by batteries, which brought the first significant business success. Another significant succesful growth was during the era of navigation products. Thanks to the gradual specialization and expansion of its range, the company has become an elite distributor of 40 brands of accessories from all over the world during the first thirteen years. Its founders continued building a strong distribution network, which is their major achievement.

“We knew we were strong in the distribution of mobile accessories, however, we have found out that if we wanted to be unique, we had to start developing our own brand.”

Daniel Havner

Beauty lies in simplicity

From the early years, the founders of the company were accompanied by a sense of responsibility not to disappoint and constantly improve the products and services they offer. “We knew we were strong in the distribution of mobile accessories; we were a specialist in the market. However, we were looking to be the best at something, “says Daniel Havner.

The turning point that made the leading distributor an elite manufacturer and developer came seven years ago. “We took over a small sewing factory focused on mobile phone cases in Prostějov. At that time, our company represented many other brands of accessories from other manufacturers on the Czech and Slovak markets. However, we said to ourselves that everything needed to be simplified. Gradually, we started to cut the number of brands and moved towards our own development and production of our own brand. ”Daniel Havner describes the start of the FIXED product line, which within a few years began to account for three quarters of the company’s production. “Today, in cooperation with Czech designers in Prostějov, we design and manufacture hand-sewn cases for mobile phones, smart wallets and another assortment of quality Italian leathers,” he adds.

“A simplified offer to our customers resulted in a more efficient growth,” adds Jan Moravec. Thanks to the expansion of their own brand, the company was able to reduce the range of products and focus only on accessories for mobile phones and tablets. “We have been building the cornerstones of the assortment for three years. We have come to the conclusion that if we want to be unique, we have to start developing our own brand. The business developer Libor Zezulka was a key person when the FIXED brand was created. He is still the main engine of FIXED development. At that time, he pushed through the development of the first-generation Bluetooth locator. Thanks to this, has laid the foundation stone for its own innovative development ”. Jan Moravec adds that at the same time they have also approached design companies. One of the results of this development is a unique car phone holder that has won the European Design Award.

  1. Establishment of Recall, which has gradually become the largest specialist in retail products and accessories

  2. Acquisition of a small sewing factory in Prostějov

  3. The origin of the FIXED brand with a focus on retail business

  4. SMART category developed and gradual specialization in accessories

  5. Assortment optimization and sale of only three brands (CELLY, Cellularline and FIXED). At the end of 2018, the FIXED Smile locator was launched.

  6. Development of FIXED Buddy (IoT tracker). Own design of the FIXED Icon holder, which received the European Design Award and became the best-selling holder in the range.

  7. Covid reorganization of the company, creation of the Marketplaces project and the D2C service

  8. Admission to the stock exchange

Development is pushing us forward

Today, is heading in two directions. The first one is distribution of mobile accessories and the second one is a unique development. “It’s not about taking an existing product and improving it. We are talking about completely new ideas, “mentions Daniel Havner and gives the new FIXED Sense locators as an example. “It’s a unique idea. In addition to connecting Sense to a mobile phone, using radar or beeping to find keys or a wallet to which it is attached, it also offers the ability to control smart home buttons or monitor the environment with the temperature and humidity sensors. In September, we will introduce it through the American crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, ”he adds whilst playing with the product prototype.

The locators prove that is serious about its own development. However, the main thing that currently drives the company is the combination of a wide range of accessories and perfect service. “Every product must meet strict quality criteria and must be easy and pleasant to use. We achieve this by carefully selecting suppliers and products. We adapt each product to the FIXED standards and then we test it properly. Our people can improvise and respond to data from across the entire market. We want to be a leader that sets the pace in the industry, “says Daniel Havner.

The four managers believe that they will break through the world market with their solutions. “We have made a huge jump in the assortment during the last year. We have created know-how that allows us to accelerate our expansion. We are accelerating the development of new products, improving services in e-commerce, and entering new export markets. For example, in Germany we have successfully introduced leather wallets with locators and other novelties. In Germany, they also did not expect to have so many products on offer. Our products are also present in the Romanian e-marketplace where we quickly made an extra half a million monthly sales. This path has worked very well for us. Now, we have a list of fifty other market places on which we intend to succeed, ”describes Jan Moravec.


A new era with the START market

The four managers have managed to keep the company economically healthy for a long time. “So far, we haven’t needed any extra capital for a significant expansion. Last year, we had an EBITDA of approximately CZK15 million, and during the first eight months of this year, we have 30% higher sales than last year, “says Daniel Havner.

Like the vast majority of companies, has had to deal with a coronavirus pandemic for more than a year. “The crisis is forcing people to leave their comfort zones and will force companies to change,” says Jan Moravec, adds that due these dynamics the company decided to make a key step: enter the START market. “In 20 years, we have built a strong brand and a community of customers and long-term partners. Now is the time to offer, not only them, but also new investors participation in our growth story, “Daniel Havner describes the reason for the company’s entry into the START market and adds:” By entering the stock market, we want to accelerate what we have in the process today. This means innovations that will bring us profit.”

In addition, the four managers also see the opportunity in their own online D2C service, which will target neighbouring countries. “Until recently our activities were local, however now, we know how to become a global player, so our growth opportunities are almost limitless,” says Daniel Havner. He does not forget to mention that the company is mainly supported by its own employees. “We communicate with them very fairly. Thanks to that, we have great energy within the company. If we come up with a new idea, we are able to verify whether it is correct thanks to our colleagues, “concludes Jan Moravec and also adds that the unfettered thinking and people who believe in are the main engine of their success.

Overview of subscriptions through the START market

DateMarket capitalizationPrice per shareRaised from investorsFreefloat
2. 11. 2021CZK 493 284 000CZK 222CZK 49 284 0009.99%


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