Fillamentum: plastics specialists in 3D print

The company exports to more than 60 countries in the world and it was able to successfully access the most developed markets, such as USA, Germany, and the UK. Plastics experts from Fillamentum can produce control cable linings, especially for cars, special pipes, and pressure hoses for industrial use. However, they have branched out into materials for 3D printing, which today make up about half of the production. The sales more than doubled between 2015 and 2018 to almost CZK 50 million.

3D printing




CZK 23.8m




Josef Doleček


Fillamentum a.s. (previously Parzlich s.r.o.) is an innovative Czech company with extensive know-how in the field of polymeric materials with a diversified product and customer portfolio. The company is based in Hulín, and since 2011 it has been producing special polymer products, mainly bowden linings, special technical pipes, and hoses for industrial use.

However, the fastest-growing segment, and one with the great potential, is the production of filaments for 3D printers. In this field, Fillamentum ranks among the most recognized manufacturers globally. A dynamically growing company has evolved from a small start-up.

Thanks to close cooperation with universities and its own research and development in the field of applications of polymeric materials, the company maintains a significant technological lead in the 3D filament segment. Although the field of 3D printing has been developing very fast, the company is able to keep up with the emergence of new materials for 3D printing, and it even sets trends in innovative materials. In addition to filaments, the company manufactures products for the automotive, food, and chemical industries, as well as healthcare.

The market was hungry; there was a gap, so the production of filaments took off immediately. But I saw more potential than the six basic colours and two printing materials.


The properties of printing materials can be scaled beautifully, and customers can be offered a full range of product lines. So we decided to enter the market with professional materials and shades that fully corresponded to the RAL scale, which was not common at that time.


Every month we try to launch a new product. However, the need to introduce an innovation onto all markets at the same time is delayed by logistics. That is why we are preparing to establish a U.S. branch. It will not deal only with 3D printing, but also with our other products, especially for the automotive industry.


Overview of subscriptions through the START market

DateMarket capitalizationPrice per shareRaised from investorsFreefloat
15. 5. 2018CZK 106 260 000CZK 825CZK 23 760 00022.36%


Change of trading on the PX Start market

In response to investors’ demand, the PSE has decided to increase the frequency of trading on the PX Start market from monthly to daily. From 12 March 2020, trading will take place every business day in regular morning auctions.


Autumn START Day

Today, on 2 October 2018, the third START Day took place on the PX Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange. The subscription period of Primoco UAV SE and UDI CEE a.s. neared its end, and the shares of Prabos and Fillamentum, which were subscribed during the previous START Days, were traded on the secondary market in the Xetra® system.


Second START Day

On 26 June 2018, the second START Day took place on the PX Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange. The subscription period of the Prabos company neared its end, and the shares of Prabos and Fillamentum, which had been subscribed during the previous START Days, were traded. These shares were traded in the Xetra® system.