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The public offering of HARDWARIO shares has been launched

Today at 10:00 a.m. the public offering of shares of HARDWARIO a.s. was launched. Those interested in participating in the subscription of the START-Public Offer system can place their orders for the purchase of shares in the price range of CZK 17 - 25.


CNB approves HARDWARIO’s prospectus

The Czech company HARDWARIO, has received the approval of the Czech National Bank (CNB) for a public offering of shares (IPO). The company's shares will be offered to the public through members of the stock exchange. The subscription system will be open to members from 10:00 am on 4 October to 12:00 pm on 18 October.


KARO Leather successfully subscribed for its shares

Today the subscription of shares of KARO Leather a.s. on the START market was completed. The company subscribed for shares with a total value of CZK 132,000,000.


Second e-commerce company has successfully entered the START market

Bezvavlasy, a.s. today completed its IPO. Trading in the company's shares will commence on September 7, 2022, at a price of 490 CZK per share. A total of 112,700 thousand was raised from investors.


Information on the launch of IPO of the company Bezvavlasy

Today, on 18 August 2022 at 10:00 a.m., the subscription for shares of Bezvavlasy a.s. will be opened. Those interested in participating in the primary subscription may place their instructions to purchase shares in the price range of CZK 490-630 from that date.


Initiation of public offering of Bezvavlasy a.s. shares

On 18 August 2022, the initial public offering of Bezvavlasy a.s. shares will be launched. The commencement of the offering is subject to the receipt of the notice of approval of the prospectus by the Czech National Bank and publication of prospectus on the issuer's website.


Termination of trading with issue UDI CEE

hares of UDI CEE, ISIN CZ0009007571 from trading on the START market with effect from 2 May 2022. The last trading day will therefore be 29 April 2022.


Record-Breaking Price Increase of New Issue on Prague Stock Exchange, which entered the Prague Stock Exchange’s START market on Monday, recorded a record price increase of 125.23% in its first week of trading.



The Prague software house eMan is developing and planning the launch of a cryptocurrency online game called Alteration. It will be linked to the NFT world and will run within the network of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The game will be developed by eMan’s newly formed subsidiary “Legend has it”.


Comment of NRI IPO of

In the EU Growth Prospectus of a.s. (the “Prospectus”), approved by the Czech National Bank under ref. No.: 2021/103908/CNB/570 dated 13 October 2021, it is stated that the issuer is considering to apply for an investment under the IPO Fund programme and to sign an investment agreement with Národní rozvojová investiční, a.s.