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Comment of NRI IPO of

In the EU Growth Prospectus of a.s. (the “Prospectus”), approved by the Czech National Bank under ref. No.: 2021/103908/CNB/570 dated 13 October 2021, it is stated that the issuer is considering to apply for an investment under the IPO Fund programme and to sign an investment agreement with Národní rozvojová investiční, a.s.

08.11.2021’s First Trading Day, a producer and distributor of mobile device accessories, sees its share price rise sharply to a record high as it begins trading on the START market today.

02.11.2021 Successfully Enters Prague Stock Exchange, a.s. successfully completes its initial public offering (IPO) today. Investors showed enormous interest in the issue, which was oversubscribed 2.8 times. The shares were subscribed at the upper limit of the specified interval. The shares of will start trading on 8 November at the subscription price of CZK 222.


Publication of Order Book Concerning Ongoing IPO of’s share subscription is entering its second phase, i.e., the publication of the order book. The public offering of shares was launched on 19 October 2021 at 10 a.m. and will close at noon on 2 November 2021.


Lot Size of KARO INVEST a.s. Reduced

On the basis of the issuer’s request, the lot size of the shares of KARO INVEST a.s. (ISIN CZ0009008819) will be reduced from 2,000 to 500 shares effective 25 October 2021. KARO INVEST a.s. is traded on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange.

15.10.2021 Enters Prague Stock Exchange, IPO Prospectus Approved by Czech National Bank

From the basement of a family house to the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE). This is the real success story of the Czech company, whose IPO was approved by the Czech National Bank today. Shares in this leading European producer of mobile device accessories will be available for subscription in an initial public offering (IPO) through a trading member between 19 October and 2 November 2021. Subsequently, shares will be traded on the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange.


START DAY 19 October 2021

The autumn START Day 2021 will take place on 19 October 2021. At 1 p.m. you will see a live presentation by, a company that is planning to enter the START market. This will be followed by interviews with individual representatives of companies listed on the START market.


New Advisor on START Market

Liberec-based LIFTIA becomes the ninth authorized advisor for companies entering the START market of the Prague Stock Exchange.


Pilulka focuses on locker kiosks and invests in tech startup Blocks

Czech online pharmacy leader and operator of the pharmacy network has acquired a 10% minority stake in the growing startup Blocks. Together they plan to build Blocks locker kiosks in Central and Eastern Europe.


eMAN will start working for the German Volkswagen

eMan has entered a framework contract with a German carmaker. For two years, the Prague software house will provide IT services, including the development of "smart" user applications. The framework contract is for 4.5 million euros.



The subscription of shares of Primoco UAV (ISIN CZ0005135970) in the START market was completed today.